Friday, April 26, 2019

Sales function for a company with foreign sales operation Assignment

Sales function for a company with foreign sales execution - Assignment ExampleFor some time some women thought that by using tampon they entrust lose their virginity that led them to prefer pads over tampon (James, &Anthony, 2004).The new aggressive advertisements measures are part of mellow competitive campaigns to help penetrate the overseas market where religious and cultural issues prove to be a barrier. The risk associated with rolling out a single product in global market proved to be too high hence it was acquired by PROCTOR & GAMBLE. Tambrands has become part of P&G which has wide marketing and distribution capabilities. P&G Company has expanded over the recent historic period by procuring products and marketing the products globally. P&G had a good market reach which includes even troika world countries.P&G has always spearheaded the use new media both radio and television as way advertising, in continuation P&G has stepped up its internet activities in the web to mar ch on their products and they have launched a website that provides teenage girls with information about relationship and puberty(James, &Anthony,2004).In areas where the internet is not quickly available i.e. sub Saharan Africa a personal approach has been applied by P&G. on the job(p) jointly with others like Always, P&G drives fundraiser for the united nations association for the campaign of protecting future .a program designed to improve the African girl child

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