Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Human Resources Strategies Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words - 1

Human Resources Strategies - Essay ExampleTherefore, the employee should not come infra familiarity about how their pay is determined but should be aware that what act comes under requirement to convey a given raise in the wage amount. (Cascio, 2006)360-Degree Feedback is one of the development tools that come under send by the HR team that facilitates in measuring the employee performance and recognize the strengths and weaknesses that can help the employee be more productive and effective. However, according to the personal viewpoint, each job description must come under rating on different dimensions. This is because the every job description has different set of responsibilities and it would be inequitable and unfair to evaluate or assess them on the same set of performance dimensions. In addition, at GE/Durham, the managers are responsible only for making a dozen major decisions while the team members are liable to make all the other decisions or their inputs are the basis of the decisions.With respect to the movement study, GE/Durham is an organization where the team members have their prime focus on making ameliorate jet engines correctly, quickly and cheaply, therefore, the contents of the 360-Degree assessment must depend upon problem solving, planning, and organizing, teamwork, communication, and leadership effectiveness.While looking at the working style of GE/Durham, the rating format in order to make the appraisal ratings must include open-ended questions to have the written feedbacks. Apart from few open-ended questions, multiple filling questions and 5-point rating scalequestions would also be beneficial.For members of the nine production teams working at GE/Durham, performance assessments must come under evaluation by Paula Sims, as she is the plant manager of the team members. Although the evaluation would come under assessment from the feedbacks provided by the peers, the managers, and direct reports Sims is the key responsible pers on

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