Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Consultancy project Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 2

Consultancy project - Essay ExamplePESTEL primarily refers to Political, Economic, Social and Technological analysis. In this case, the political aspect entails the degree in which the state intervene the parsimoniousness of the industry(Doole 2012, 46).In most cases, the political factors entail the labor laws, political stability, tax policy, tariffs, trade restrictions and environmental laws. In the Spanish cater business, these factors play a key role in influencing and controlling the business. Being a viands industry or business, the political aspect in this case will be based on the business health regulations that relate to the preparation of food. There would be a close-scrutiny by the state on the aspect of how clean the food is (Doole 2012, 48).The Spanish government plays a key role in influencing the health aspect in the catering industry. Alternatively, other factors such as labor laws and tax rates excessively affect the Spanish catering business.Economic factors in the Spanish catering business include the veer rates, interest rates and the economic growth. These factors are of great benefit in this industry. This is because the catering industry depends on peoples disposable income in order to spend in the industry (Doole 2012, 54).Alternatively, the economic growth, pomposity rate and the interests rates determines how the catering industry makes its decisions and operates. Some of the economic factors, which affect other businesses including capital be and market inflation, will also influence the Spanish catering business (Doole 2012, 60).Social factors of the Spanish catering business will play a key role on the business. In most cases, the amicable factors include the health consciousness and the cultural aspects, emphasis on safety, age distribution and the population growth. In this case, the trends in the social factors would to affect the business demands for the catering services. It will also affect how the catering

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