Friday, April 19, 2019

Response to the Critical Thinking Exercise Research Paper

Response to the Critical idea Exercise - Research Paper ExampleThough no front research on these item methods is available, wound management theories ar diverse and available to nurses through Google search, and databases such as PubMed, in deciding which method to use (McManus, 2007, p.9). For example, in chronic wounds some types of methods such as moist wound meliorate might not work due to the recurrence of necrotic tissues (McManus, 2007, p.10). Thus, literature review on cognize methods can serve to design the methodology for testing the research question whether some new methods are more efficient than other methods. Moreover, quantifiable study design, samples and data collection techniques can be borrowed from the already existent body of knowledge.Though a nurse might be faced with absence of previous research on a method that arose from nurses experience and observations, previous theories can be used to design ones own experiment and thus scientifically evaluate the aptitude of these

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