Thursday, April 18, 2019

Electronic and mobile commerce solutions Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Electronic and ready commerce ascendents - Essay ExampleThe service is operational twenty four hour a solar day everyday across the year. Nevertheless, consumers face challenges of no instant gratification so, delivery may take a while. There is limited consumer service because they have no one to attend to their questions hence can wholly see the goods without touching them.Bespoke is service offered to a consumer after the consumer has given order for it to be made. The bespeak products include clothes, vehicles or furniture. This service is good because a consumer is assured of an original and new product of their prime(prenominal) unlike ready to use items on sale. On the other hand, there is lack of supervision by the consumer when their products are made therefore omission errors are inevitable (Andrew, 1997). Consequently, since it is business on the internet, the choice of materials utilise may not be satisfactory to the ones requested by the consumers. An exampl e is bespokemoda.comAn on root software solution is an ecommerce meshingsite solution that allows selling online by providing software that creates an online store. An example of online software is Shopify solutions. It is easy to set up and synchronizes the stores products, inventory, orders and consumers between ecommerce site and retail stores. Open sources like magneto and e-commerce solutions is a platform that uses latest web technologies offering professional features, flexibility and controls the activities like shopping online for example Word Press. An Open Source establishes an e-business with expedient product and catalogue browser options, extended consumer management and has an intuitive interface of administration well rated with an elongated network support. Magneto can be used on PHP and MySQL installed in any web boniface because they are available as free software therefore is prone to hacking and virus attacks (Awad, 2006).In line with electronic commerce is the mobile commerce technology. Mobile commerce is an online commercial transactions

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