Tuesday, March 26, 2019

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Violence in the Media     In my essay I will be examining the controversy of frenzy levels in the media. Although there atomic number 18 many passel who express the opinion that there is way likewise much strength in television for example, there argon merely as many who feel differently. Without viewer statistics, television would non be what it is. The viewers choose what they want to watch and that is taken into consideration. The more people tune into high violence-filled platforms, the higher the ratings for violence become. Surely that cannot be pinned upon the specifys producers. Television prides itself in giving America what it wants, and America wants violence.      just about the year 1923, the Federal Radio Commission was formed. They were in charge of regularization what could and could not be aired over the radio. When television came along, the name of the geological formation was changed to the Federal Communication s Commission (FCC). They set the standards of television viewing and as well provide options for those who disagree. Last year, the FCC adopted rules requiring all television sets with screens 13 inches or larger to be equipped with features to block the display of television computer programing based upon its rating. This technology is known as the "V-Chip." The V-Chip reads information encoded in the rated program and blocks programs from the set based upon the rating selected by the parent. Thus, the FCC allows violence but similarly provides an alternative for parents who think their child is exposed to too much violence (whatever that threshold may be, as it is determined by the parent, whereas the V-Chip is programmed by the parents.)     though I do not watch much TV, I am aware of the rising display of violent content on TV. Whether it is through and through prime time sitcoms or cartoon channels, one can not deny that there is more violence. C artoon violence used to be very fictional and easy to distinguish as the opposite of reality. today however, in gruesome, explicit, and too often unrealistic portrayals of death and violence, the flexible minds of children are being not being torn by the moral issues of violence and anger, but the line between reality and fiction has become intemperately blurred. Death is seen as temporary in most cases, such as cartoons where the character killed comes back week after week only to be killed.     But thats what America wants Our thresholds of violence are becoming more and more expanded as we see something, get over the sign shock it may have and crave more.

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