Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Summary of William Shakespeares Romeo and Juliet :: Free Essay Writer

Summary of Romeo and Juliet mount 1 phone number 1Scene one opens with a fight on the streets of Verona between servants from the Montague and Capulet households. While attempting to stop the fight, Benvolio is drawn in by Tybalt. The heads of twain houses (Montague and Capulet) arrive on the scene. Prince Escalus arrives and stops the fight, forbidding any further brawls. Montague and his married woman discuss Romeos strange behavior with Benvolio and ask him why he is take oning that way. They find Romeo and have Benvolio talk to him. Benvolio advises him to forget Rosaline, but Romeo refuses. Scene 2 Act 1genus Paris asked Capulet if it would be all secure if he could marry Juliet. Capulet is not sure because Juliet is so young, however he ends up agreeing with Paris. Capulet invites Paris to the spread head. He sends off the guest list with a servant, that cant read the names. He meets Romeo and Benvolio and asks them for help. Romeo noticed that the list had Rosaline on it, so he dared to go to the feast to meet with her. Benvolio again suggests to Romeo that he should forget Rosaline, he again refuses. Scene 3 Act 1Lady Capulet talks to Juliet about marriage accordingly tells her about Paris proposal. When lady Capulet tells Juliet that Paris will be at the feast, Juliet doesnt act too excited. Nurse responds for Juliet with something that Lady Capulet wanted to hear. Scene 4 Act 1Romeo, Benvolio, Mercutio, and other members of the Montague house go to the Capulet feast. They are all wearing masks to hide their identity. They talk it over and decide to stay for one dance. Because Romeo is hitherto in love with Rosaline, Mercutio teases him about being a hopeless lover. Mercutio then starts a long tale about how fairies deliver dreams to humans as they sleep. Scene 5 Act 1Romeo, Mercutio, Benvolio, and the servants arrive at the feast in masks. Capulet is there at the door to greet them. Capulet talks to his cousin about how long ago it was when t hey took part in a masque. Romeo sees Julies and fall in love with her immediately. Tybalt recognizes Romeos voice and is ready to fight. Capulet stops Tybalt and tells him to sack Romeo for now and try to keep the peace. Romeo and Juliet keep talking and end up kissing, Nurse runs in the middle of them and tells Juliet to go find her mother immediately.

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