Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Talented teenagers: The roots of success and failure :: teenagers, learning, integration

1.Complex attentional structure is mentalities form by habits enforced in early childhood growth environs that eventually become the soulfulness natural behavior such as personality trait. Related because the perspective of the theory is defined by a process of two opposing forces that mutually combined to come along an someones development to a higher level. Piaget thought that cognitive development was stimulated by the heading taking new information canvass or incorporates with already existing learned information. Also, that the mind adjusted to fit out to the new information. These atomic number 18 the same concept applied to the theory of attentional structure that without incorporating certain part creating a certain behavior influenced by dint of our development the person will be delayed.2.Integration and differentiation are systems that stand for general dialectical processes of constant and change. An integrated system is which an undivided part is that cover the system true form successfully integrated and reinforced. To integrate an item means to organize and incorporate different parts creatively breaking the rules to somehow make something that originally separate produce great together. The differentiate system has a unique function that cannot be changed or molded. To differentiate is to be bias toward different parts that are unique to themselves. 3.Flow is a mindset that people feel when their mind is completely concern or focused on one proper(postnominal) task by losing track of time, unaware of fatigue, and oblivious to everything occurring around them keep out the task. Studies have that when an individual experiences flow they desire to experience the same satisfaction again seeking after the same reasons. For the reasons that the person continues to set surface goals is flow compared to a motor for development of talent because as the person develops they must continually be actively involved in the skills they woul d get it on to develop. As the person begins to loss themselves subconsciously the person no nightlong stresses if they are amazing or not but more enter because of the joy felt during the practise. Lastly, the person must constantly find techniques to further their skills and continue to challenge them self or they may become bore bringing the motor to a halt or change of curtilage in development. 4.Flow affect adolescent talent development by experiencing flow when involved in different activities such as sport, math, games, apparitional practices, or eitherthing that stimulates such feelings. When a teenager succeeds in experiencing such feelings when involved in a talent, the teen will not progress any further in learning and improving, but will enjoy the activity continually.

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