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Of Mice And Men Curley’s wife Essay

Well, appease around and keep your eyes open. Youll see plenty. She aint concealin nothing. I never seen nobody like her. She got the eye goin every the time on everybody. I bet she gives the stable buck the eye. I dont know what the hell she wants.Discuss the way in which you as a reader respond to Steinbecks presentation of Curleys married woman. You need to go through closely at the way in which he uses wrangle to achieve effect.Steinbeck in his defend Of mice and custody has predominantly apply animals to present the other side of human beings that is normally found in animals. He intelligibly brought in the common slipistics of animals that be possessed by custody and each character in this book gives the imagery of an animal. For the consumption of this assignwork forcet we shall explore the various characteristics and methods that the writer uses to describe Curleys wife.Well, stick around and keep your eyes open. Youll see plenty. She aint concealin nothing. I n ever seen nobody like her. She got the eye goin all the time on everybody. I bet she gives the stable buck the eye. I dont know what the hell she wants.The writer has do use of language in several occasions to draw meaning and give more(prenominal) virtuoso to the piece of work and the most notable and obvious is the kind of language used which is so casual and local portraying the scene where the characters are acting in as well as their status in the society. The use of the phrase I never seen nobody like her in the above opening quotation is really non standard English that possibly points at the level of education of the characters and their role in the society and pass byly demonstrates that they are really casuals in a farm though they demand endeavored to dream for a better future.The writer has made use of figures of reference in reference to Curleys wife and in that effect has brought most her true character in this book. He has mainly used metaphors in chapter fo ur in reference to Curleys wife. Curleys wife came to look for her husband in place where Crooks and George were having some discussions the writer expound her as follows her face was heavily made up and her lips slightly parted. This was adept an indirect reference to her frustrations and increasing concerns about her husband which the writer described using her appearance. Another metaphor just in the same chapter is the explanation of her gesture at the men whom she found there and her perception of them.The writer says that her eyes traveled from one face to another which basically referred to her flavor at the men who were there at that time that she considered weak and unuseable and this was a major source of conflict with other characters as they perceive her as a trouble maker. Her description of Candy as a funny thing is equally metaphoric and points at her disregard for men and how tough she was on men that she considered to be only confident firearm they were in g roups, but could not make any statement as an individual. As she continue to look at the men, after provoking them she recognize that all their faces were closed against her meaning that nobody among all the men were arouse in harking to her or hearing anything from her.In her argument with the men she reached a point that she became defensive of her husband, that all the other men were criminate and in that effect she refers to them as a bunch of bindle stiffs possibly referring them as people who are quite traditional and against the advice of women and therefore making them feminists. This was a perfect example of similes as under normal circumstances men empennagenot be compared with bindles. She also goes ahead to compare them with the sheep that are kn protest to be stiff naked.Curleys wife remains a unique character in this book as she is the only woman in the book that is dominated by men and as such she has become a victim of circumstances and is seen to suffer from al l kinds of oppression leveled against her by the men. She depicts the ban picture of women in a priapic sexist society where women hurl no place and are only known for their mischievous tendencies. She is a lot referred to as trampt,bitch and tart which basically qualifiers her as a destructive character and one who destabilizes the status of men in that society. As a female character in a group dominated by men she will obviously be expected to support her own rights and this she does alone but the male characters in this book would rather opt to gag her and ensure that she remains under their command. She has also proved to be a very sharp character in this play that is more human and interactive than any other character in this book.Her conduct and character therefore tries to tackle the challenges that the females are really facing in the modern society in their efforts to break the barriers set by male chauvinists. Being the only women in the story clearly points out at t he gender insensitivity that still exists and ignorance of the role that the females can play in the society especially in decision making. This is also an indicator of continued male domination in major activities in the society. However her effort in trying to match the males who are the majority in this setting is a positive move in promoting equality and it is also a clear sign that change can come and the status can be abolished.The use of personification is also evident in this book in the same chapter where as Curleys wife disappeared the writer explains that the strangulate chains rattled and some horse snorted and some stamped their feet this is in clear reference to the relieve that her disappearance brought to the men whom are referred as horses in that quotation. Another personification can be witnessed in her second culmination and discussion with Lenny where she refers to the pup as like a human being, by saying that He is dead.She also uses flashback in her discuss ion with Lennie and demo her other side of being a very humble and genial lady with a lot of talents and even shows what she could manage if given time. A show came through and I met one of the actors.The writer has therefore made use of figures of speech like metaphors, similes, flashbacks and personifications in portraying the characters of Curleys wife and illustrates her as a fast woman who has positively represented women as a whole in the novel, with main emphasis in chapter 4 and 5 of the book.Curleys wife has demonstrated herself as a strong woman who is not willing to negotiate her honesty and true tint for anything. Her kind nature is clearly brought by the fact that she is willing to listen and understand the problems of the low class citizens of the society like Lennie who are accidentally grouped in the same category of women and given all sorts of name like infirm, old, rejected, feeble and lifeless but they are able to give voice a unique bond that arises from their circumstances. Therefore Curleys wife represents women as people who are social and can get along with almost everybody, unlike men who lack this trait.Females are therefore lowly rated by males yet they have enormous potentials that even men cannot match.

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