Friday, March 22, 2019

Psychological Development Essay -- Psychology, Pregnancy

Psychological development is the development of a psyches emotional, intellectual, cognitive, and social capabilities and functions that they acquire throughout their lifetime. This starts from birth and carries on until death, but how does pregnancy affect the development stage? There are umpteen myths that when women become pregnant their cognitive capabilities begin to decrease and the mother suffers from mar brain or placenta brain. Scientists are interested in this and slightly wondered what role pregnancy plays in the increase or decrease of a womans cognitive function. An experiment by Christensen et al (2010) they tried and true cognition speed, immediate recall, working memory, and delay memory in pregnant, non-pregnant women, and during motherhood. The speculation of this study was to see if pregnancy affects cognitive skills in women, and this was tested through surveys and questioners (Christensen et al., 2010). With all the multiple tests there was no negative impact on the pregnant womens intelligence (Christensen et al., 2010). Therefore, with this study there was no s...

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