Thursday, March 28, 2019

The Empty pillow :: essays research papers

Using the theory of reason action-Fishbein and applying it on a 5 min. scope of the movie by Alo humankindiQ8 THE EMPTY PILLOW This is a sleep to thrumher paper that its events occur, in Egypt, in the fifties, where there were strict traditions about love between non married lovers, and where the word of the pargonnts rules the lives of their sons and daughters. In that movie, a young man (salah) who is still a student falls in love with a beautiful girl (Sameha), whom she is also an eighteen years old student, they are both college students, that get guarded by their families. The scene begins, when Salah asks his stimulate that he wants to be married, but his father laughs, and asks him if he is able to support himself or her. Salahs father suggested that he should wait until he graduates and gets a job, so he could marry her. Salah refuses, reflection that she would get married to someone else, and her parents will non wait for me until I graduate. alas a doctor proposes to her and asks her hand to be his wife. Samehas father and breed agree instantly, without giving Sameha any notice, only have in minding of the position and the how they would warrantee a wonderful future for their daughter with this doctor, adding that he is a precise nice man and have great reputation. Sameha says that she is young to be married, and disagree. Samehas father says no doughtier of mine argues with me in such matters, you will do as I say Consequently, Sameha stop arguing. And shows yielding. She think about the hard time choosing between the two, the one she loves or the beauteous rich physician, which her parents ergs her to marry. In order to prevent the marriage, Salah meets her in the retire from where they used to meet. He starts convincing her to run a personal manner with him. Sameha refuses, saying that her parents might have a heart attack, then she will not forgive herself. Salah remembers, what one of his friends suggested to him, and that he sho uld rape her, and in this way she would be his according to the traditions. Consequently he tries to do so. She cries and begs him to let her go. save he refuses, until he notices the ring that she is still wearing, which he brought to her as a token of their love.

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