Friday, March 15, 2019

A cup of tea please Essay -- Politics, Tea Party, Palin

During the last two years our society are being bombarded with something c whollyed Tea comp any. According with CBS News/New York Times Poll, notwithstanding 55% of American citizens have heard not much or none most Tea Party effort. The interpretation of this data says that sluice among those Americans who say they have heard somewhat the Tea Party, four in ten still admit they do not k straight about what it stands for (1). Personally I include myself in that pigeonholing. When I heard this termination for the first time, my impression was not exactly a political movement. During the choice of 2008, the term Tea Party were mentioned but not on a major scale like during the election of 2010. My curiosity about this movement grew as a result of an invitation my husband received to be a let the cat out of the bager in a Tea Party meeting in our town. Just weeks before the elections they invite him as Republican Chairman to speak about the election process, which were the best candidates and discussing some of our nation issues. Unfortunately, my impression was not the best, with their furrowed brow and seriousness they let me know I was not welcome there. Of by nature they use all the internal force to pretend, of course I was the wife of speaker. Between here and there of my husband explanations about politics as soon as he finished they set down passing papers about immigration. They were discussing the controversial Arizona Law towards immigrants, a law that actualisems unmerciful, allows the police force to intervene with a person who is envious on the mind of the police officer to be illegal immigrant. So that allows to them to intervene with all the Mexicans and possibly or not at all with others ethnicities in Arizona State. I can remember how their faces heighten, happy fac... ... live. They confuse their personal opinions and goals under the wing on the Republican Party. If the Tea Party is beneficial or not we allow no t know the come for now, time will tell. It is important to be aware of what is going on around us. About the accusations of racism, true or not is something that the group itself will show soon or later with an uncover face. Right now they need a lot to prove concerning this issue. The Tea Party helps to change the history of the election of 2010, so it will be good to see what else this Movement can achieve. Our job as citizens is to look that any group that raise the voice, do it for the right reasons, hasten the approach without hiding schemes, not hurting others and showing nothing but the truth. In case any group attempt against the values of this country we can rise our voices and make them respect our voice.

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