Monday, February 25, 2019

Roper Logan

The model of care for that I will consumption for this appointee was originally developed by Roper in 1976. It was then added and updated in 1980, 1981 and 1983 by Roper, Logan & Tierney. The Roper (1996) model offers a framework for defends so they can check credit is possessn into account when undertaking any treat care plan.There are four main stages of the nursing process as identified by Yaura & Walsh (1978) AssessmentPlanning,ImplementationEvaluationDuring any assessment the nurses goal is to determine what the patient can & can not do and link that to the activities of daily living (ADL). They will also take into consideration any environmental factors that might affect the individual and their mightiness to carry aside ADLs.The objective in this model of nursing is to be able to identify the patients individual needs & lifestyle, and to spend a penny a decision on any potential problems related to carrying out ADLs for that person. This model of nursing has been use d in a number of antithetic settings the 12 activities of daily living are related to basic humane needs. The 12 activities are Maintain a safe environment conference Breathing Eating & drinking Mobilisation Working & playing excretory product Washing & Dressing Controlling Temperature Expressing sexuality Sleeping DyingIn order to swan patient confidentiality and for the purpose of this assignment, certain personal details of the essay (Care Plan) stomach been omitted, such as patient name. This is done in accordance with nursing midwifery code of professional conduct (2007) guidelines so I shall use an alias name in the essay (Care Plan) and the patient shall be referred to as Mrs Cullan.In this assignment I shall look at how I, as a student nurse, can make a care plan in telling to one of the 12 activities of daily living. I shall focus on parley for this assignment.Mrs Cullan was a patient, coming into a day procedure unit for cataract descent surgery, and I followed t he patient from admission, into theatre and then into recovery. The patient involved is a 78 year old female she is a widow and lives solely but has relatives who live near her. She has worn glasses since she was a youthful girl but lately she has noticed difficultyreading & ceremony TV, this was in despite of the fact that she had received a new lens system prescription. Mrs Cullan also found that she had to stop driving at nig

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