Sunday, February 17, 2019

Qualitative Research Versus Quantitative Research Essay example -- Res

qualitative search Versus Quantitative Research Quantitative research data is a formal, objective, dogmatic process in which numerical data is utilised to obtain nurture around the world. Quantitative research is all close to quantifying the relationships between variables much(prenominal) as height, weight. It is obtained by such things as questionnaires, official statistics and planned interviews and whence from the numerical data we can identify trends and correlations and get an idea of the attitudes of adult numbers of tribe which can be very helpful. It is obtained mostly in the form of numbers. They were originally developed in the graphic sciences to study natural phenomena. Qualitative research data is all types of data that ar non in the form of numbers including written sources, motion pictures, films, open-ended questions and unstructured interviews. Qualitative data can often provide a richer and more in-depth picture of sociable l ife. It was developed in the social sciences to enable researchers to study social and cultural phenomena. Qualitative research uses unreconstructed logic to get at what is really real the quality, meaning, context, or image of reality in what people actually do, not what they say they do. The advantages of a questionnaire which produces quantitative data are you do not have to pay interviewers and it is cheap to classify results. warm and efficient analysis possible with pre-coded closed questions and answers can be soft quantified and entered straight on to computers. Also questionnaires do not normally require interviewers so you do not have the risk of the interviewer influencing the respondent... ...ty as if other researcher did the same experiment would they get the same results as others. And if a group of researchers all researched the same topic would they all get opposite results? If so which should we believe. Researchers often combi ne quantitative and qualitative data in their research to get a fair and accurate result even out intellection quantitative is often more accurate than qualitative. The major deflexion between qualitative and quantitative research is the underlying statement about the role of the researcher. In quantitative research, the researcher is ideally an objective beholder that neither participates in or influences what is being studied. In qualitative research, however, it is thought that the researcher can learn the most about a position by participating and/or being immersed in it.

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