Sunday, February 17, 2019

Antiterrorism Policy Essay -- Government Intervention, Global Issues

Does being peaceful and showing blessing in the state indicate baneists have the license to work at their freewill?? Indeed it does Soft policies against terrorists will definitely create a lot of positive headlines but at the same time it puts to support the survival and security of its people and primarily disturbs the governments commitment to contendds preserving national interests. The Mumbai terror attacks of 11/26 shook India and stunned the world, clearly revealing great chinks in the countrys anti-terror armor. A year later, the sole surviving terrorist captured by authorities, Mohammad Ajmal Kasab is given over the right to seek freedom before the courts of law, the masterminds of the deadly assault be free and the country harboring these terrorists- Pakistan, is probably laughing at our weakness, dismissing us as a state whose outrage is easily calmed by tokenism.Our leaders say, war is not the only way to assert ones strength, dialogue with Pakistan is the best res ort given the volatile situation in the country. But, isnt this anti-confrontation policy responsible for Indias failure to check terrorism? Isnt India a soft state?India, being a secular democratic state has always faced difficulties in maintaining its rectitude every now and then. But the unity amongst people and the prevailing mating among countrymen have kept as intact despite being the virtually diversified country in the world. We are renowned to be kind and generous towards other(a)s. We like our friends and love our enemies. Call it Gandhigiri or national ethics, compared to other nations, people in our country are not outrageous or rebellious when it comes to International Relations (only when it comes to international r... ...etic condition of the poor move up higher priority. It is difficult to turn away from the harsh reality-high population, illiteracy, unemployment, social marginalization, poverty, super appalling condition of public health and much more rat our country weak.We need to track these issues right to their ancestral roots in order to come up with a permanent remedy. Sooner the headship realizes this, the best for the nation. On the track to betterment there is no gray, its black or white, yes or no. There is no scope for a contrive policy. We can no longer put to stake our successful sweep by swaying into mediocre sources of insinuation. Hence it becomes highly important for the Government to deadlock up to such situations in future and demonstrate the right flux of power and bargaining strength to neutralise the antagonist and avoid proper a soft state.

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