Friday, February 22, 2019

A Rant on Forced Marriage Essay

A relationship of uniting is decided by the elders, and past hauld on their child. Is this right? Parents think they know better than the child, only if are they always right? How can they choose ones groom or their bride, the one with whom they are going to spend their whole life? This rehearse of evil is unfortunately still a lie in many communities in developing countries, and even some industrialized.I oppose, to this cruel idea of destroying ones life. In this view of mine, I dont stand-alone but at my behind I have United Nations and their Human rights. Forced marriage is a violation of ones personal rights, its destruction their of life. How can parents force their children to marry one they dont like? If you are existence forced into this life, take a breath and stand for your rights. Which are in that location in the constitution, written boldly for your sake if you come under this situation. Its better to oppose, than live a traumatic life.Illiteracy, poverty, cultur e and lack of cognisance are the seed of this consequence. This issue is taken very seriously though in most of the countries, where governments and non-governmental organizations are constantly helping people acquiring out from this mess that their parents create. But the people who obey in overcoming this condition often lose the contact with their parents. The ones, who dont, live their life in misery and are depressed. Some people admit and accept the piece of cake they get. It also results in somebody creation responsible for his or her own death.

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