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Ernest (Miller) Hemingway1899-1961Entry Updated 08/01/2001 Birth Place oak Park, Illinois, get together States Death Place Ketchum, Idaho, United States Per countersignal InformationCareer writingsMedia AdaptationsSidelightsFurther Readings About the AuthorPersonal Information Family Born July 21, 1899, in Oak Park Illinois,United States committed suicide, July 2, 1961, in Ketchum, Idaho, UnitedStates son of Clarence Edmunds (a physician) and Grace (a music teachermaiden name, Hall) Hemingway married Hadley Richardson, September 3, 1921(divorced jar against 10, 1927) married Pauline Pfeiffer (a writer), May 10,1927 (divorced November 4, 1940) married Martha Gellhorn (a writer), November21, 1940 (divorced December 21, 1945) married bloody shame Welsh (a writer), March14, 1946 children (first marriage) John Hadley Nicanor (second marriage)Patrick, Gregory. Education Educated in Oak Park, IL. Career Writer, 1917-61. Kansas City Star, Kansas City, MO, cub reporter,1917-18 ambulance driver for Red Cross Ambulance army corps in Italy, 1918-19Co-operative Commonwealth, Chicago, writer, 1920-21 Toronto Star, Toronto,Ontario, covered Greco-Turkish state of war, 1920, European correspondent, 1921-24covered Spanish Civil War for North American Newspaper Alliance, 1937-38war correspondent in China, 1941 war correspondent in Europe, 1944-45. portrays Pulitzer Prize, 1953, for The Old Man and the Sea Nobel Prizefor Literature, 1954 Award of Merit from American Academy of Arts & Letters,1954. WRITINGS BY THE agentNOVELS * The Torrents of Spring A Romantic Novel in Honor of the press release ofa Great Race (parody), Scribner, 1926, published with a new ledger entryby David Garnett, J. Cape, 1964, reprinted, Scribner, 1972. * The Sun Also Rises, Scribner, 1926, published with a new cornerstoneby Henry Seidel Canby, Modern Library, 1930, reprinted, Scribner, 1969(published in England as Fiesta, J. Cape, 1959). * A leave-taking to Arms, Scribner, 1929, published with new introductionsby Ford Madox Ford, Modern Library, 1932, Robert Penn Warren, Scribner,1949, John C. Schweitzer, Scribner, 1967. * To rent and Have Not, Scribner, 1937, J. Cape, 1970. * For Whom the Bell Tolls, Scribner, 1940, published with a new introductionby Sinclair Lewis, Princeton University Press, 1942, reprinted, Scribner,1960. * Across the River and Into the Trees, Scribner, 1950, reprinted, Penguinwith J. Cape, 1966. * The Old Man and the Sea, Scribner 1952. * Islands in the Stream, Scribner, 1970. * The Garden of Eden, Scribner, 1986. * Patrick Hemingway, editor, True at First Light A Fictional Memoir,Simon & Schuster, 1999. SHORT STORIES, EXCEPT AS INDICATED * Three Stories & Ten Poems, Contact (Paris), 1923. * In Our Time, Boni & Liveright, 1925, published with additional substantiveand new introduction by Edmund Wilson, Scribner, 1930, reprinted, Bruccoli,

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