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Molieres Tartuffe Essay -- essays research papers

The Theme of Molieres Tartuffe Reason vs. PassionJean-Baptitste Poquelin Molieres Tartuffe, is undoubtedly a satirical comedy. In Molieres description of a satire, he was very direct as to the number and objectives of one argon. The function is to correct mens vices, using satire to ridicule them and transgress them to public laughter (Moliere, p.14). Although this satire is making fun of more things in the church and organized religion, which is not the only objective Moliere had in mind. Tartuffe has many themes that reoccur through out the play. The time period, in which this play was written, was known as the Age of Reason. One of the main ideas and attitudes during this time was, reason must ceaselessly control passion. Due to this attitude, one theme that constantly appears through the play, is the meshing between reason and passion. In Act II, Scene 4, one of the major(ip) conflicts between reason and passion is played out. Valere confronts Mariane with the rumors he has heard intimately her marrying Tartuffe. Throughout this entire confrontation, they are letting their passions stop them from getting what they unfeignedly want, which is each other. Finally, Dorine brings about the reason that is needed in their situation. In lines 69-71, Dorine states, If you look at me, both of you are as mad as mad rump be. Do stop this nonsense, now. Ive only let you squabble so long to see where it would get you. Their passion is so strong Valere and Mariane are blind to what the other is want...

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