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Relationships in the 1600

Relationships in the 1600 BY Disher84 Ryan Disher 5th hour Due October 18th, 2013 16th century era of priapic and Female Relationship My leaven is over Male and Female births during the 16th century. In my taste I entrust be equal to tell you what their relationship is based on, How the relationship works, and I will compargon some characters from the story Hamlet in my essay also. This essay is full of facts so sit back and enjoy the ride During the 1600s wo manhoodpower were hard-boiled as inferior compargond to the men who were superior. Women were expected to clean, cook, and tend to the children.Also During his era men argued that women were not capable of higher thinking because a cleaning ladys skull is smaller than a mans skull. Another statement that was said, women do wider hips which means in that respect naturally divinatory to be mothers. Overall woman were inured poorly and were not treated fair in the relationship either. In the play Hamlet Claudius and Gertrude, Claudius wants to preserve King and in order to do so he mustiness please Gertrude and show love to Hamlet in front of Gertrude, scarce behind her back he plots to kill Hamlet.Another good topic is how their relationship works out. During the 1600s women n the speeding class were a good deal set up to marry really young. Women of the middle class usually waited till thither mid twenties to get matrimonial so they had enough capital for a household. Women that did not marry were forced to learn some associate of trade to carry on their lives. Child birth was one of the more or less important things of being a woman, Although men werent expected to be at that place temporary hookup in labor. The womans family, friends, and mid wife were there for her though.Woman in the speed class who didnt want to breast fed often had other mothers do it for them called wetnurses. Some relationships worked out great and well others didnt go as lanned. In this meter, the male was almost always the one who brought in money for the family. Although there were times where the female brought in the large chunk of cash. Comp ared to our current time, where we go to work and then go home Back then they cleverness of worked right out of there own home and didnt know the ditterence amid work lite and tamily lite.It was always tamily lite and they never experienced anything different. In comparison to the story Hamlet, all of Hamlets family had royalty and were most definitely the upper class. People may ask did there relationships work in the 1600s? ell they did, and they didnt. It wasnt a guarantee that they would be together forever. William Shakespeare did not believe in woman having a say in anything. then(prenominal) theres feminists which say that woman hire every right to be treated equal and they can pay off there own say in what they want to do, who they want to be with, and what there kids do.As a Male(father) you could decide who you married, wh at your wife did, and what you wanted your children to do. In the 1600s families were bigger and closer than today, the reasons why is because such high death rate of infants because escape of technology and medicine. Which meant that families came together on the farm to help everyone out. Also piety played a major role back than, very often back then the alone book in the house was a bible and thats what children used to learn how to read. Another fact about Shakespeares time is that, once a boy turns 8 he no prolonged has to listen to his mother.The ideal woman was believed to be a virgin and a faithful wife. Female honor and social respectability were tied in closely to sexuality that death was often presented if the woman was not a virgin. There are so many different relationship views and sex views, and it has all changed as time went n. Some similarities are that men are still usually considered the Man of the House, but there are woman that are very independent and who can do anything and everything them self. Children are expected to respect/obey their parents, Boys carry on the family name.Although now a day, Females if they would like to corroborate there maiden name they can keep it back than if you said that people would of looked at you and thought you were as loony as Hamlet, for seeing a ghost. Relationships back than were often between man and woman, you were frowned upon if you were with the same sex. The Royal and the Elite were the unless type of people that were able to have more than one relationship. If you were born of Royal nature or Elite you were among the few that could have side partner relationships.This reasoning is because those types of classes were the only people that had the time, the money, and the energy to fool around. Middle class people power have had affairs but not as often as the upper class did. Which this problem also leads to having kids with your side partner and also syphilis was considered a rich person disease back then, because they were the only one who, like I said had the time, the oney, and the energy to Get just about. Some might say that Shakespeare cheated on his wife, because he was gone and there were no records of him for a few years.Shakespeare was married to Anne Hathaway, who was eight years honest-to-god than him. They had there first child on May 26th, 1583 whose name was Susanna. Then 21 months later Anne had gave birth to twins, named Hamnet, and Judith. After that they had no more children and remained married until 1616 when he died. He bought a fine house for his family in Stratford aft(prenominal) his only sons death, Hamnet at the age of 11 died in 1596. Shakespeare was buried in Holy Trinity Church in Stratford, where Anne later Joined him in 1623.He had lived apart from his wife and children, except every once in while ne would visit them tor at least a decade. Shakespeare was a very well professional writer of his time and has been remembered for cent urys. I apply that you have learned a lot from my essay, and you found it very interesting. My only hope is that you were able to walk away from this paper knowing something new, that you hadnt before. My name is Ryan Disher and this is my essay over Male/Female relationships during the 1600s.

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