Monday, June 17, 2019

Multinational Corporations Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Multinational Corporations - Essay ExampleMultinational Corporations have now become an integral part of the international society. Whether these multinational giants atomic number 18 beneficial or damaging to the society as such is a question which is debatable. There are opinions for and against the multinationals depending upon one perspective and social position in this world. We shall discuss the impact of multinational corporations in detail and present views for and against them in the following paragraphs.One major factor to be considered when one talks or so multinationals is that most of them are from the developed countries like the USA, Japan, UK, France and Germ both (International Labour Organization ILO website). Other countries are almost non participants or have just started making their presence mat as exemplified by the Daewoo Corporation of Korea and Venezuela (oil company), according to ILO. No doubt that multinationals have been in existence from the very beg inning ever since companies and corporations came into being and looked beyond their horizons for business. The British Empire which ruled most parts of the world in the last two centuries is an example of a multinational temperament and presence. The multinationals do cover up some of the essential requirements of the human race and strive to fulfil every need but at the same time they tend to obliterate any small enterprise which attempts to launch similar products or services.

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