Monday, June 10, 2019

Investigate a business idea and produce a realistic, practical Essay

Investigate a business idea and produce a realistic, practical business plan considering the financial aspects of the proposed b - Essay ExampleThis play along will be established after assessing both local and cross-border market. The current skin cope producers concentrate mainly on women, where most skin care products are manufactured to cater for women. The primary target market for baptistery Care Limited constitutes the increasing number of high-profile men who desire to improve their looks and be presentable (Cadogan, 2009). Face Care Limited seeks to target working class men since vernal professional men make up 59% of the young profession these people prefer high quality skincare products this is a great opportunity that the federation needs to be tapped. Mission Statement The representation of Face Care Limited is to become the premier provider of oily skin settlements to men. Face Care limited is dedicated to provision of a solution to men whose skins produce a lot of oil due to active oil glands. The products are aimed at regulating and controlling the exertion of sebum. Vision Face Care Limiteds vision is to be the international leader in the provision of high quality skincare products. Core Values The play alongs separate values are customer satisfaction, honesty, accountability, and reliability in its operations. The firm will focus on promoting likeability of skin care products among potential customers to outgrowth the market size. This is because customers will buy large quantities of the products if they achieve high utility after using them. Customer satisfaction will be achieved through whirl affordable prices and substantial quantity of products. Honesty is a key virtue in any organization, and Face Care Limited aims to create a guileless relationship with both the internal and external environment such as workers and clients. In the event of the Face Care Limited receiving complains concerning any harm caused by the companys products, the management will be accountable and responsible to bear the consequences (Das, 2010). The initial solution to the problem of defectiveness will involve spry recall of skin care products from all shelves and stores. Constant delivery of high quality products in the market will make the firm reliable in identifying new market opportunities, and meeting customer needs effectively. Plan of Operations The operational plan comprises of several elements that the company intend to implement in its production in order to achieve the objectives of firm. Proper assessment of vital components such as sales channels, value proposition, key resources, cost structure, receipts streams, key partners, and key operational activities will enable Face Care Limited to widen its market size (Vale, 2006). Capital raised from promotions of the products will act as the revenue stream for the company this is through our sales channels, for instance, Face Care intends to use its own website for promotional purposes (Cadogan, 2009). A successful business should target customer segments that eat up working class men models equipped with the skills of marketing. The promoters have developed a Business Model poll for Face Care Limited. This is an action plan that the company intend to use once it becomes operational it will assist the management in dealing with any possible future challenges. The Business Model Canvas consists of solutions on how Face Care Limited will manage its activities to reach out to clients (Douglas & OReilly, 2011). It consists of solut

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