Sunday, June 9, 2019

EBusiness Company Comparisons Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

EBusiness Company Comparisons - Assignment ExampleCommissions are overly earned when users visit company sites, advertise their products, or post the connect of the company. The customer base of these companies lies between 10 and 80 million people. Therefore, a sales revenue business model for these companies therefore, can result in slap-up profits (Rappa, 2010).Yahoo This Company uses portal advertising model. It offers products that suit customer-specific needs. This is through the complex Customer Relationship Management (CRM), where the company gathers important legal and behavioural information of its customers (Rappa, 2010). According to Cusumano (2004) for software business, the key aspect of its business model is understanding specific customer needs.Google This is a search engine, and adopts the Advertising Model. It utilizes Content-Targeted Advertising, where advertisements relate to the capacity of a web page. It also uses the Query-based paid placement. For instance, when searching for terms, the advertisements that are paid for will show up (Rappa, 2010). Mayer (2006) notes that Google aims at acquiring many users and retaining them through growing the products they need.Social media has changed how companies conduct marketing and advertising. In future, there will be increased participation of customers and information sharing on company products. Customers will also highly influence the nature of company products.The use of cloud computing has resulted in low costs for online companies, especially those costs that are related to suppliers. This olibanum leads to reduced prices for customers. In future, more use of cloud computing will abate the financial challenges experienced by these

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