Saturday, June 15, 2019

A Job to die for Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

A Job to die for - Essay Example(Business Insider) The number of fatalities per 100,000 workers determined this. More dangerous occupations included Police Officers, Refuse and Recyclable solid Collectors, Taxi and Truck Drivers, Farmers, Structural Iron and Steel Workers, Aircraft Pilots, Logging Workers and Fishers (Business Insider). Less dangerous jobs included Grounds Maintenance Workers (Business Insider) Security Guards (The Daily Beast) and, unsurprisingly, Teachers and Librarians (Media Bistro). manifestation is distinctly dangerous- the risks be app arnt. Accidents happen, no matter the occupation, and when accidents take place amongst unfinished buildings and massive machines, on that point is a great threat of injury or death. But still, Construction is out-dangered by, for instance, farming. In this case, farming is more dangerous because there is still heavy machinery around, but less safety checks and available aid. If someone is injured on a construction site, th ere will usually be someone around who knows what to do, who knows to call for help. But farming takes place primarily in rural areas, where there may not be a hospital or neighbor within miles. Thus, if a piece of equipment injures someone, their chances of reaching help in time are much less, increasing the fatality drift. Another job that is more dangerous than construction is being a police officer. While one might think over that the well-nigh imposing threat, that which takes the most fatalities, would be violent criminals. But no, interestingly, the most common cause of death for Police Officers is Transportation incidents.(Business Insider) This means that, since Police Officers are on the road so much, they are under constant threat from automobile accidents. For the safer-than-construction occupations, Teacher and Librarian were the safest. This was most likely since they spent most of their twenty-four hour period inside, in a safe environment. Transportation is not p art of those jobs, so driving would not be included as a risk. In my research, I found something interesting. Rather than real threatening sounding hazards, the one factor that caused the most causality at work was transportation incidents like car accidents. I then saw the connection- the most dangerous jobs were those in which the workers were moving around the most on a vehicle. Fishermen were constantly on the open sea, pilots often in the air flying, truck and refuse collection drivers were always on the road. And police officers frequently drove between calls. In fact, 6 of the top 10 most dangerous jobs had a most common cause of death of Transportation incidents. (Business Insider) To fight the threat, our most effective course of action should be to reduce the rate of transportation related fatalities. In A Job to Die For it is proposed that distractions are what make transportation related fatalities so prevalent. Thus, to reduce the danger of occupations, we should reduce distractions. integrity option would be to fine people who text-messaged while they drove. Another would be to put restrictions on being on the phone while driving. Even surfboarding the web while

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