Thursday, June 13, 2019

How Has Being a Christian Affected the Life Essay

How Has Being a Christian Affected the Life - Essay ExampleThe investigator states that until he was about 12 years-old that he began to understand why the pilgrimage to church each week was central to his parents and soon after, what had been a mindless and somewhat boring routine became important to him. Maybe it was because the source was a little bored in church and the Bible was the only reading material available but regardless of the motivations, he started his own routine of reading the red-letter parts of the New Testament each Sunday. Entranced by the words of Jesus, this habit progressed to late evenings at home and even on the bus to school. The researcher found the words of Christ simple, to the point and ultimately a path to inner contentment and happiness. His words are, essentially, a guidebook for life. It was during this period in the authors life, early teenage years, that the spirit of God entered his life through the words of His Son and this connection has g rown stronger by the year. The researcher made the transition from attending church as a matter of custom to being a devoted Christian gradually end-to-end the middle-school years a time when having faith is certainly a benefit. Though the author knew it wasnt uncommon for everyone to have tonicitys of awkwardness at this age, this knowledge did not suffice soothe his own feelings of inadequacy. The researcher wasnt considered one of the cool, popular kids and neither were 99 percent of the students but again, this mathematical fact did not help either. Most of the authors friends from church attended other schools and the couple of people he associated with in elementary school had different class schedules. The researcher felt very alone, vulnerable and intimidated. The other students seemed more mature and sure of themselves which was more a result of his distorted self-perception than a reality nevertheless this feeling was very real at that time. The researcher did not feel comfortable telling anyone close to him such as his parents or his once-a-week friends from church so the author took solace in prayer. It gave him inner-strength in a time of self-doubt and confusion. Reading the Bible also helped considerably. Besides the lessons and wisdom gained from its pages, the realization that Jesus was not a popular figure either and had also a small circle of friends was of some comfort. Being a Christian at this time of great indecision was very beneficial. It gave the author something solid in his life to hold on to at a time when he needed it the most.

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