Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Case studies 1 & 2 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words - 1

Case studies 1 & 2 - Essay ExampleIf the decision to promote one of the board members as the deal for the Energy cooperative is beneficial for the masses by providing them with a leading figure or a figurehead for the corporation. Then the company can conduct with the proposal.Ethical relativism in objurgates theory indicates that there are no universal rights or wrings, however what is accepted as the norm for right and wrong is accomplished to be ethical. As a result as the clients and the external partners of the energy cooperative have the right to now the management at the committee, it is also their right to know that there is no single director at the company. Instead a group of directors precede over the committee for operations and decision-making.The theory of legal expert depicts that ethical decision are those which are bazaar to all parties and have integrity. In order to be fair to the clients as well being fair to the other directors on the board of the Energy Co operative Company the proposal of the director to address to the clients while addressing himself as the director of the company should be spurned as it is unfair and lacks integrity. Instead it should be depicted that he is one of the directors on board the Energy Cooperative The three levels pertain to pre-conventional, conventional and post-conventional levels. At the pre-conventional level in the first stage pertaining to obedience and punishment orientation, the company could decide against the proposal as there is a threat of a character from the external partners, clients and the other board directors for misrepresentation. At the second stage which is interest driven, the company could decide in favor if the proposal as it would provide them with a spokesperson form the company that can be perceived as the figurehead and leader in the cooperative for others. At the conventional level in the third stage pertaining to interpersonal accord and conformity the cooperative can d eicide in favor

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