Monday, May 6, 2019

Marketing Management Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words - 2

Marketing Management - Essay ExampleNow we raise to the methodology and rationale behind building competitive advantage. This is something that is built over time and requires synchronization betwixt the tactics, activities and the overall strategy of the company which is producing the product(s). Competitive advantage is developed when there is a differential projection on the part of the node. This could be in the form of lower prices than the competitors, better quality, efficient sales run and support and a number of other features. Thus customer satisfaction is something which cannot be measured by a standard set of parameters. It has to be experienced always with a different set of offerings that argon made available. These offerings could be in the form of better quality products, higher and more efficient go or a bundle of both high-class product and state of the art service, in which occurrence it would not be categorized under either of them rather as a mixture of bo th. It is somewhat true that the market dynamics suggest that the competitive advantage can only be achieved when the customer is given what he or she wants but then again is there any limit to his or her wants? The answer would be NO and quite rightly so. The customer expects value for money and thus the topper possible product at the most effective rate, thus it would be correct to understand his occlusive of view and then go about changing the product offerings, prices and the value thus provided. Marketing conception has taken its basis from the selling concept.

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