Thursday, May 2, 2019

Live performance viewing Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Live performance viewing - Essay ExampleThere were happy and beautiful moments where the performance shows the development of United Kingdom from the historical time to date. The five Olympic rings that came from the industrial stage of the performance, that rose high above the area and started sparkling was spectacular. Happy mood is also seen when the dancing nurses came with beds to celebrate the National Health Service and the world- wind childrens hospital at Great Ormond Street. These two are clearly worth celebrating and being knightly of. The performance also celebrates British great literature with scenes featuring Harry Potters enemy Veldemort who is foiled by Mary Poppins figures and the child-catcher from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. Children are saved and returned to the safety of their beds.There was also humor and around confusion in this performance, especially when the fictional James Bond went to collect Queen Elizabeth from Buckingham Palace and brought her in t he Stadium. The performance then shows an actor dressing like the Queen jumping from the helicopter. This scene was confusing entirely brought little humor to the play.The performance had a sad mood when there was the performance of adoptive uncontaminating anthem Abide With Me by Emeli Sande. This song was accompanied by a tribute of the 7/7 terror attack victims in London that claimed the lives of 52 people. This is a very emotional moment in the performance. It was a moment of silence when the memorial wall of the victims was shown.My most favorite movement of the performance was in the industrial age. The performers were able to perfectly transition from the historical time where there were green fields to the industrial Revolution. The performance perfectly utilized the space on the stage by displaying chimneys and factory production lines throughout the stage. Thousands of performers were able to show the crucial development in the social and cultural

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