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HR practices Business Article Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

HR designs Business - Article ExampleAccording to the author evaluating the homophile resources practices of a quick can help you find way to better employ the talent a firm has (Durkin, 2011). A technique or ray of light that was mentioned in the article that can help managers evaluate their human resources practice is HR audits. The use of an HR audit can give a manager assurance that the human resources practices of the company meet the current heavy standards and uphold the internal policies of the company. It can be beneficial for professionals in the HR industry to belong to professional organizations. An organization that has a lot credibility and power in the industry is the Society for Human Resource Management. The organizations website has a HR audit tool kit that can be used to perform a preliminary audit of the HR manipulation of a firm. The HR function of a company does not replace the necessity for a legal division. Companies can save money on legal expenses by having a lawyer firm on retainer rather than pay a fixed monthly payment to the lawyers of a department. The implementation of an HR audit can help the firm identify probable legal risks associated with its handling of human resources. The system is a proactive approach towards risk management. A problem that is occurring often in corporate the States is a lack of knowledge about HR regulations and laws. A lot of companies in the United States argon breaking labor laws unknowingly. The fact that many companies do not know the laws does not exempt them from compliance. wizard fundamental human resource function you should inspect is the gathering and filing of employee information, from the application to the termination of employment, and altogether documentation in between (Durkin, 2011). A common problem in regards to this type of documentation is victorian safeguarding of the information. It all starts with the simple things such as having an employee filing cabinet with a k ey. The human resource department should separate the personal information of employees in various categories. There is sensitive information such as social security number, age, medical record or disability data that should not be in the normal employee file that the managers have access too. Access to such data can lead potential discrimination from the managers towards a specific employee. Companies also have to comply with the Family Leave Act. Employee record retention requirements quit by state law with some common federal laws. Confidential information must be protected to protect both the employer and the employees. The Equal Pay Act of 1963 stipulates companies must keep payroll records up to three years. A topic in human resource that was often discussed in class that I believe should have been talk about more in the article is develop and development. The author mentioned that it was great for companies to invest in its human resources, but he did not provide solutions to solve the problem. The performance of employees in a corporation can be improved through training and development. The proper use of training and development can improve the employee retention rate of the company. Investing in training and development should be a company wide initiative, but the firm must also identify talent that deserves introduce training because the company determined that the employee has potential. The managers of corporations should receive more training than any other employee since they are answerable for the performance of

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