Friday, May 3, 2019

Literature Review Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2250 words - 2

Literature Review - Research Paper Examplebread maker (2011) asserted that the face immersion model avoids the dominant spoken language of the learner while the transitional bilingualist model focuses on English as a target language through integrating the hold level of support and instructions to the native language. Walker (1956) asserts that developmental bilingual model approach ensures teachers attain with students at their current levels of native languages while at the same time providing the instructions in English so that students can finally attain fluency in English language. According to 2004 statistics, American world schools had 11 million immigrant children and about 5.5 million either did not speak English or had control English proficiency (Baker, 2011). According to 2007 statistics by Education Weekly, more than 30 percent of English language learners in big states such as New York, Texas and California demonstrated slow progress in learning and this account ed for the high achievement gap (Garcia & Baker, 2007). Bilingual education in the US focuses on the English language learners and it starts with enabling the students develop the native language literacy first and then transferring the skills to learning English (Baker, 2011). about experts argue that monolingual and bilingual language acquisition is similar since children growing up in an milieu where both languages are spoken will acquire the two languages simultaneously (Garcia & Baker, 2007). At the early constitute of development, the children may mix words in a single sentence, but will begin to little by little distinguish words. Accordingly, sequential Bilingualism occurs when children utilize knowledge and experiences in their first language to acquire the second language. Bilingualism exhibits numerous advantages such as general reasoning, divergent thinking, concept formation, verbal and linguistic abilities and metalinguistic

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