Friday, May 10, 2019

Brief interpretation and analysis of the advertisement Essay

Brief interpretation and analysis of the advertizing - Essay typeThe execution style utilized is the slice of life. There is no direct or straight portion out in the advertisement. What it does in a actually subtle way is to associate Coke with the optimistic events in the lives of multitude. Comparison was used in terms of presenting the idea that for every negative thing that the world witnesses, on that point are more positive things that occur.The background music of the advertisement makes the advertisement more appealing. It gives life to the advertisement. However, since the people viewing the advertisement are busy reading the captions shown, the viewers can no longer respect the lyrics of the song. Ones attention becomes divided between the song and the substances organism flashed in the advertisement. One thinks that it would impart been better if an instrumental music was instead used. A positive point about the advertisement is that it is very relevant to the time s. It talks of war, corruption and development of weapons which are signs of the times. One appreciates much the irony presented in the phrases. A negative point though is that the audience might get so absorbed with the deeper message of the advertisement that they might forget about the product being advertised.Another thing that one wants to change in the advertisement is the speed of the flashing of the messages. One is hardly finished yet with reading a message then another one is flashed again. The viewer is not given enough time to grasp the message.The stain market for the brand is not very specific. It appeals to all ages, gender and nationalities. This same target market is being addressed to in the advertisement. The company chose this particular medium for the advertisement because it feels that it will be able to become a larger market because of the universal theme that it presented. In this way, it is more cost effective for

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