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Consider the Scale on Which Payless Operate

MINUTES ON MEETING HELD AT THE CHURCH PREMISES (FIRST GALLERY) ON THE SUNDAY, 2ND September, 2012 MEMBERS PRESENT 1. The President 2. Vice President 3. The 18 Appointed Executives ABSENT 1. 2 Appointed Executives AGENDA 1. Presidents address 2. Plan for the year 3. Form of delivery 4. Achievement of plan 5. reach up single ministries in other branches/Ghana ITEM NO. DESCRIPTION ACTION 1. OPENING The confluence started at 1 07 pm with an arising prayer by the President INTRODUCTION 1. The meeting was organized for the newly appointed Singles Executives to deliberate on issues and propose suggestions pertaining to the Singles Ministry. PRESIDENTS ADDRESS 1. The President welcomed members to the maiden meeting and took a roll call of members present. He advised that members contribution was very vital to the mastery of the meeting, hence their opinion will be required during the meeting. PLAN FOR THE YEAR Members proposed the follow ing topics 1.How to be found 2. 0 2. How to choose a life fellow 3. Understanding of single hood 4. Sustaining relationship before marriage 5.Staying holy before marriage 6. Ethics of a family life 7. Love,Romance,Sex 8. What marriage is (concept of arriage) 9. Maximizing your dominance as a single (networking) 10. Packaging yourself for the cooperate world 11. Things to say / not say 12.Dos /donts 13. Spirtual aspect of singlehood 14. What is love 15.Is love essential for marriage 16. Proposing right 17. How women should carry themselves 18.Focus group discussions (men/women ) OTHERS 19. Cooking competition 20. Video shows 21.Deliverance section 2. 1 22. Outing (Beach, Sports, Swimming pool Botifalls, Esukyuari) Members were asked by the President to project Emails of topics to Vice President by mid week for collation. FORM OF DELIVERY OF PLAN The plan above will be in action as follows thro ugh Seminars Quiz competition Teaching 2. Sermon ACHIEVEMENT OF PLAN The achievement of plan will be based on what team members beam to Vice President TERMS OF REFERENCE FOR MEMBERS 2. 3 1.Bringing more singles on board (Musical shows, godliness concerts & variety night) , T-shirt, Target universities 2. Innovate ways to resurrect funds 2. 4 Protocol Team, P. R Team & Organizing 3.Get a name for the Ministry Team 4. Day of meetings/programme 5.Implementation of all plans SETTING UP SINGLE MINISTRIES IN OTHER BRANCHES/GHANA Involving of other branches and Conferences for Ghana Will done by the President/Vice President MEETING DAYS Members agreed that meetings be changed to Saturday nights and the next Single Meeting will be on 2. Saturday, 29th September, 2012 Next meeting for Single Executives is Sunday, 16th September, 2012 P. R Team & Organizing Team CLOSING T he meeting ended at 150pm and Mr. Kelvin Tibu (Praise &Worship Team) gave the closing prayer. Finance Team 3. All Executives Prayer Team Protocol Team Praise & Worship Team and Organizing Team All Executives 4. 0

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