Thursday, September 26, 2019

Service Request - HR Systems Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Service Request - HR Systems - Essay Example The information gathered from this group of stakeholders is highly imperative since they act as the core connection to all other members of the company (Stellman & Greene, 2008). Information gathering is a very vital stage in ensuring that the Human Resource system is a success as it acts as the focal point to capturing the right set of information expected to deliver the precise functional requirements for the system. In order to achieve this, the following set of information gathering techniques are proposed for the project. Firstly, Interviewing, a process that employs both one on one and team based data capture from the expected users of the system will provide a wide set of relevant information for the project. Secondly, the Joint Application Development method that utilizes conduction of workshops with the key stakeholders of the system will ensure that the stakeholders are willing and motivated to providing relevant information. ... the system and then testing it against the expected functionalities guarantees that all important information regarding system functionality is captured and put into proper use in the system (Stellman & Greene, 2008). Since the ability of information to satisfy its targeted users to the highest degree lies on information analysis, the following data analysis tools are proposed for the project. The Statistical Product and Service Solutions (SPSS) is a data analysis tool that is highly significant in performing a thorough analysis of statistical information gathered. Thus, the SPSS perfectly fits for this project, as it will provide well-organized information about the services to be offered by the system. In addition, the Statistical Analysis System (SAS) is further proposed since it can play an important role in aiding programmers with information retrieval from existing software, data management and quality improvement (Stellman & Greene, 2008). Thus, the above proposed data analysi s tools are very essential in making sure that the information gathered is precisely analyzed with emphasis laid on meeting the user requirements. As aforementioned, information gathering is a key determinant of the system’s success. That is, it aids in clarifying the set of both functional and non-functional requirements for the Human Resource system. When the right information as regards to the expected functionality of a system is gathered, it provides great room for the system to function as expected by its targeted users (Stellman & Greene, 2008). In this sense, the following factors act as the driving ends to ensuring that the information required for the project is successfully gathered. Planning is a very crucial factor in information gathering (Stellman & Greene, 2008). It aids

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