Monday, September 9, 2019

Pollution Prevention Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Pollution Prevention - Case Study Example In this  assignment  we will look for the  stakeholder  of the chemical plants,  we will  identify  the  part  they play in making any  company  a success, we will also look at how a company can  function  such that it meets the needs of its stakeholder and at the same time maintain a quality standard.  We will also look at the factors that affect the quality of the product that the company produces and how it can be further improved upon.  Since, the only thing that is  constant  is change,  therefore  how to bring about a constant change that will keep the  stakeholder  happy  and will also  benefit  the accounts of the company (Chanlett, 1973). Stakeholders of any organization are those who, will  basically  benefit or  will be harmed  by the activities that  are carried  out by the firm.  For any organization  there are  broadly  two types of  stakeholder, internal  stakeholder  and external  stakeholder. ... They care about the profits  but  they are far more concerned about the success of any project they have initiated. Even those who  approve  the launch of the new product are all  stakeholder  of a project. The best possible way to meet the requirements and expectations of  stakeholder  is to produce results. The only things that the  stakeholder  wants are the results, the end product. The best way to  produce  the results is to have a business strategy designed in such a way that the end results  are met, and the most  appropriate  way  is to  design  the  strategy  in such a way that the goals are realistic, measurable and achievable, this will make it easy for the company to make the  stakeholder  happy. It is not  necessary  for the strategy to be a  huge  one  but  it should be an  effective  one. It is  important  that the roles and responsibilities are  pre assigned  and  the  relationship  of the peopl e involved  is clearly mentioned  and defined so that the work flow can  progress  effectively and smoothly.  Clear job descriptions should also be provided so that each and every person is aware of actually what they  are supposed  to do and what extent their contribution  is required.  There should also be an established performance  evaluation  system for the people involved in the implementation of the  policy  to make sure of its effectiveness.  Also, there should be a  proper  mechanism  which will work to make sure that the  policy  is being implemented  properly and as per the laid down rules (Chanlett, 1973). There should be  constant  checks on the  policy  that  has been implemented.  The environmental policy should be such that the objectives and the targets that  have been laid  down

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