Friday, September 27, 2019

Argument Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 13

Argument - Essay Example In my opinion, higher education is never a right, but a privilege for every interested citizen to utilize. It is an opening advanced to the citizens to make use of at their will. Remember it is never unavoidable. To say that higher education is a right is to assert that everyone, even those who have no interest in it whatever must have it. It also means that the government must provide it to all citizens at no cost. It is worthy to note, that the government must cater for all the advanced schooling costs. The government does not do that in the actual sense. In the community system, disabled students have a right to access proper education. Students with low incomes also have the right to get cheaper or free lunches in schools. It is impossible to compare higher schooling to the right of disabled students to access a proper education the community. You cannot, in a similar way compare higher education for citizens with low-income students receiving cheaper or free or lunch in schools. Education is indeed something of merit, and it is essential for progress in the society. It is because an educated people are required to maintain a proper democracy. This does not qualify education to be a right. A right is usually sponsored fully and defended by the government as it is meant for the interest of a special group of people. It is worth noting that the right to public education was endorsed and is supported by legislation. It is given freely to all citizens. Nevertheless, students are not forced to take this path. They may opt for other ways. Some may go to private schools that are not usually government sponsored. The reason people need college education is to have them competent enough to meet the standards and demands of the job/ employment market. It is obvious that a more learned person has more skills and competence to execute workplace duties upon training. Most employers prefer those with higher learning because they

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