Thursday, September 12, 2019

Data Gathering and Analysis Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Data Gathering and Analysis - Assignment Example You can either use the raw data (like the balance resistance measurements, if you can get at them) or the measurement the device produces (like the weight shown on the balance display). If you use the measurements the device produces, it would be best if you use a device that you suspect is not giving very accurate measurements, and your formula will enable you to improve its accuracy. Graph the measurements against the standards and determine a formula that would best enable you to make accurate measurements or correct the answers the device gives. Log transform the data if necessary. Convert your formula so that you can predict what result the device will give with one unknown standard from within the data range (interpolation) and one standard outside the data range (extrapolation) is measured. Test to see if your prediction was correct. Comment on the result of this exercise. This exercise shows that measures obtained from measuring devices must be subjected to corrective methods. Besides, measuring devices must be calibrated on a regular basis to reduce instances of error. Produce a graph showing the Olympic Games gold medal times for the men’s 100 metre sprint event from as far back as you can find to 2012. Use the Excel Chart Labeler Add-In to enter the names of the athletes on the graph. Also determine the year at which Olympic Games an athlete is likely to break the 9.5 second mark. Demonstrate how you have tried to make these predictions as accurately as possible, and explain how you knew which was the most accurate method. Follow the Pivot Table notes in the Two Sample Tests Exercise document. Complete the exercises if you haven’t already done so. This will prepare you to be able to complete this exercise, which uses the same

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