Saturday, September 7, 2019

James Cook's Voyage to Australia and The Subsequent British Research Paper

James Cook's Voyage to Australia and The Subsequent British Colonization - Research Paper Example James Cook, an inhabitant of England, was born in the year 1728. He was one of the most popular explorers of the 17th century. He also made a mark in the history of the world for his navigation and cartographic skills. Cook was promoted as a captain in the Royal Navy. Cook navigated to different parts of the world and was popular for his three distinct voyages in the Pacific Ocean. He was also the first to observe a European connection with Australia along the eastern coastline. He also gained distinction in becoming the first person to circumnavigate the coast of New Zealand. The legacy of knowledge which James Cook had was very influential among his successors. His role in the political history of the world is also a matter of huge importance as he took a major role in opening up areas along the Pacific which led to the colonization. In the three voyages undertaken by James Cook he travelled thousands of miles and helped in the mapping of various lands starting from New Zealand and continuing till Hawaii. In his expeditions he was reputed for surveying and naming certain features which was not done before. He was instrumental in marking islands in the maps of Europe which was one of his significant contributions. James Cook’s talent in surveying came into the forefront when he successfully mapped the coast of Newfoundland in 1760. He was the one who produced the large scale accurate maps of the island. His success in the very first voyage promoted him to the rank of a commander and was given the charge of identifying Terra Australis which was believed to exist in a place further from Australia. He was persuaded by Alexander Dalrymple who was a dignitary person belonging to the Royal society. During his second voyage he navigated along very high latitudes in the southern part and became the first person to cross the Antarctic Circle. In his expedition he took the possession over South Georgia and also surveyed and mapped the area. In his second voyage, Cook was also successful in the employment of the chronometer which helped him to study the accurate longitudinal positions. The chart of the Southern Pacific Ocean was made by the help of the chronometer and it gained so much accuracy level that those charts are still being used in the 21st century. He returned from the second voyage as a captain of the Royal Navy and he was felicitated with many awards and recognition programs. He was also declared to be the first navigator belonging from Europe in the House of Lords. Captain James Cook volunteered the third voyage in finding out the Northwest Passage. He set on for the voyage in the year 1776. During his last voyage James Cook became the first among the Europeans to visit the Hawaiian Islands. He also explored the western coast of the Northern part of America and he covered the Strait

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