Wednesday, October 2, 2019

Speech In Favor Capital Punishment -- essays research papers

Speech In Favour Of Capital Punishment Capital Punishment is the lawful infliction of death and has been used in Britain since the 5the century. It was not until 1964 that capital punishment was abolished and this has been described by many historians as Britain's worst decision in over 500 years. Along with these Historians, I also believe that our country was much better off with the death penalty as a punishment for sick and twisted people, murderers, rapists and peadophiles. Did you know for instance that in 2003 there were 1048 murders and 172 attributed to one man. . . Harold Shipman. Compare this to 1963 when the death penalty was used as an active deterant to murder, how many? 300. Three hundred murders compared to 1048. Another statistic for you to chew on. In 1961 there were 9 hangings for murder. These seemed to warn people off because the next year there were 2. I have said all I need to say. That is clearly conclusive evidence that the Death Penalty works in deterring criminals, and in a world where you deserve safety, with capital punishment, that is what you would get. Let me go back to my last point. Harold Shipman, responsible for the murders of 172 people. 172 innocent people. People with families. Families that are destroyed. Left with agony. Knowing that their relatives killer is still living and well. Treated in prison to a comfy bed, three meals a day, a wide-screen television and pool table as well as being able to learn read and write. This is what our judicial system calls a â€Å"punishment† All this at the cost to the tax payer of  £432, 000 per 15 years or a life sentence. That's  £600 a week. That s more that some people earn! If Harold Shipman had not been the coward that he was and k... ...cent man, it has happened before and would happen again. In fact, it was a member of my family who had the unpleasant job of hanging an innocent man and finding out what he had done after. So spare a thought not just for the innocent deceased, but the guilty hangman who has to live with it as well. I also understand that there are cases where the penalty is given because we cant be seen to be slacking, like that of Derek Bentley and the film of Let Him Have It. Once again it was my family who had to live with that. So, spare a thought for what that man has to live with for the rest of his life. As I said, these thing are inevitably going to happen and many people will suffer. But even after seeing what it can cause with my own eyes to my own family, i still think it Is a risk worth taking for the better of our country. That is why I am in favour of capital Punishment.

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