Friday, October 4, 2019

Sonia Sanchez Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Sonia Sanchez - Essay Example She started with Homecoming in 1969 and with the passage of time, created a wonderful collection of child books, dramas and essays. In her sixties, Sanchez, together with her colleagues, actively participated in the black studies movement after black studies were banned in the San Francisco State College. She served as the head of the Afro-American Studies Program in the Amherst College. Sanchez did not ever try to be just an essayist or a dramatist or a poet. She has served as an excellent teacher in addition to these. She made several trips to China, Cuba and Scandinavia. Sanchez is known for a dazzling performative manner. Instead of reading her works like a slow-paced British professor, Sanchez would inculcate the African and African American cadence into the performance. In 1984, her volume, homegirls & handgrenades emerged (Gates, 2004). One year later, Sanchez’s literary skills were appreciated with the American Book Award. She has written 16 books in her lifetime (soni, n.d.). The topics of Sanchez’s poems originated in the societal worries and her articulate manner made them a fundamental source of instigation and tenderization of the Black Arts movement. References: (2011). When one reads Sonia Sanchez, one knows the state of black America. Retrieved from Gates, H. (2004).

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