Saturday, October 19, 2019

Managing Projects Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

Managing Projects - Essay Example Another aspect of global or domestic management is ability of project manager to be able to monitor a project closely and control different dimensions such as, cost, quality and integration. These differences are sometime very different and sometimes very similar distinctions that can leave company leaders looking for contingency plans. Organization looking to get into globalization must take into consideration such differing factors as the language, expatriate, cultural, political, legal, economic, technological and many more that exist between the US and foreign countries. But only four of these items will be discussed in regards to globalization and the problems companies facing when venturing into foreign countries. The most common barrier organizations encounter going into foreign countries is language barriers. There are unspoken signals and gestures that are non verbal form of communication that that sometimes may be disregarded. Non verbal forms of communication include gestures, body language and semiotics, which refer to the underlying meaning of signs. Companies also encounter the issue of translation of document in English to various languages. For instance, the company I work for have subsidiaries in China, Japan, Taiwan and other parts of the world. On several occasion we have had problems with translations of our documents into various languages. ... ntages to the project team but more careful attention need to be given to development work, more careful attention needs to be given to the team of what is expected of them. Expatriates face the difficult of local team members not wanting to share their knowledge or lend a helping hand to an outsider. Using expatriates can be costly because the organization would have to provide housing and transportation and other amenities for the duration of the project. Cultural differences can be sub-group into attitudes, beliefs and values. Employee attitudes differ from country to country and this affects the way consumers in foreign countries react to certain scenarios. For instance, people in some foreign countries beliefs that a man should be the head of a business unit but in the US we belief in placing the most qualified person in the position. In terms of attitude, some cultures do not allow lower level employees to speak during a business because the respect is supposed to go to the head of the department. Lower level employees are required to brief their boss on every aspect of the business before the meet and during the meeting they are not allowed to comment or contradict. To illustrate how cultural differences can affect an international country I will use the example of the company I for, we were so insensitive to the religious beliefs of our Muslim countries who we conduct business with that we use a bi-product made from pig intestin e and at the end the drug product was reject by the Health Authorities of those countries. We had to find a substitute for the bi-product in order to keep the drug on the market. Other area of importance for companies to consider when entering into foreign markets is politics, which reflects the importance of the government and the legal

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