Sunday, August 11, 2019

Supply Chain Management Performance Measures as a competitive Essay

Supply Chain Management Performance Measures as a competitive advantage for Qatari Organization - Essay Example Various concepts that are included in the supply chain management are discussed. The various criteria that have to be focused for improving the SCM are also discussed well. The various recommendations given for improving the SCM in Qatari organizations are to upgrade the technologies, maintain a minimum stock level to avoid interruptions in work, train the workforce engaged in the SCM activities. The supply chain management is a complex task. It increase the over all productivity of the organization if they are managed properly and controlled well. Complications in supply chain vary with the size of the business and also with the number of manufactured items. The origin and end point of a supply chain is the customer itself. The Elements involved in a supply chain are customer and the planning, purchasing, inventory, production and transportation departments within the company. Supply chain should be strategic and equipped. A perfect supply chain needs the use of technological investments like use of enterprise resource planning suites. The study is about measuring the supply chain management system in the Qatari organizations. The term supply chain management has augment to the importance in the earlier days. A supply chain system is a set of connections of amenities and allotment options that executes the task of procurement of raw materials, conversion of these materials into semi-finished and finished products and the delivery of these finished products to the ultimate customers. The concept of supply chain management system is implemented in both product and service manufacturing industries. The intricacy of the value chain differs tremendously based on industry category and nature. The supply chain management is considered to be the central part of the organization which serves both customer and organizations requirements. It helps in the procurement of the raw material from the right

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