Sunday, August 18, 2019

Everybodys All American :: essays research papers

Everybody’s All-American is the story of a famous football player who becomes an overweight middle-aged has-been. Gavin "the Gray Ghost" Gray is a legendary college football player who marries his homecoming queen sweetheart and embarks on a professional career full of difficulties. â€Å"The Gray Ghost† is a Louisiana football legend. There had never been a better, faster ball player, and everyone knows the hero is headed for pro football. To no one's surprise, Gavin marries his sweetheart, beauty queen â€Å"Babs.† He is a first-draft pick in the pros, as expected, and soon after that, the two begin their family. I was especially interested in this movie because I am, myself, a college athlete. This movie brought out the importance of having a life and goals other than playing a professional sport. Too many young athletes these days have unrealistic goals of going to the pros, while in actuality the chances of them doing so are next to impossible. Many athletes are in college just to play their sport, and do not care about their academic performance. Eventually, the limelight will fade and professional athletes will become has-beens left to reminisce about their â€Å"glory days.† Often in college, athletes will do just enough to get by and not care about what their academic performance means. Unfortunately, especially in some larger schools, preferential treatment for athletes does exist among the faculty. This also gives athletes the advantage at the time, but hurts them in the long run. In the movie, the ideal marriage of Gavin and Babs begins to come apart, when Gavin cannot deal with the loss of the glory he had in his youth.

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