Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Personal Branding Plan Paper Research Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Personal Branding Plan - Research Paper Example I believe I can swim in the fenland of life, in the streets and not come out stinking, and hunt monsters without turning into one. Through my interest in others and genuine concern for my community I develop lasting, fruitful relationship with my colleagues and increase the citizens trust in law enforcement agencies. My interest in law enforcing, however, goes beyond community law enforcing, as I would like to widen my boundaries and practice law enforcing on a broader scale. The priority function of the Border Patrol is preventing illegal entry of aliens and weapons, including weapons of mass destruction into the country (Defle, 2002). This particular line of duty has always fascinated me and holds a great appeal for me as it is my aspiration to help develop a peaceful nation. Becoming a Border Patrol Officer is a step towards maintaining internal peace as it is a border patrol officer’s main aim to prevent terrorists and terrorists’ weapons from entering the country by securing the states borderline (Defle, 2002). Their agents work round the clock on assignments, in all kinds of terrain and weather conditions. Agents also work in many isolated communities around the country. Several years as a law enforcement officer have strengthened my endurance and perseverance ability. Therefore, this line of work is an ideal match for my experience and skills (Defle, 2002). Private security is involved with ensuring the safety and security of individuals and property, as well as sensitive organization information and intellectual property. Being a private security officer is often a hard job and at the same time honorable merely because the employee is constantly risking his life with regard to protecting other people (Defle, 2002). The job requires a certain degree of willingness and dedication as well as the sense of being responsible for other people. I believe I possess these qualities. Private

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