Saturday, February 8, 2020

Whose Church Is the True Church Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Whose Church Is the True Church - Essay Example The process involves getting to know the area in which the church is to be situated. Understanding of how the gospel is understood is also very important in the establishment of the church. To start a church, understanding from both the beginners of the church, and the people it is meant for is very important (Elaine 30). Getting people to understand what the mission is the next step that would help the group in the formation of the church. In getting to know the certain aspects that come with the starting of a new church, the mission is to know who the church is being started for. It should also identify its main goals and objectives if it wants to excel in the quest to spread the word. The church could be for either two groups of people. These are the de-churched or the non-churched. The de-churched were once church goers but do not attend church anymore. However, the non-churched simply refer to those that do not want to attend for one reason or the other (Elaine 34). The beginners of these churches have to know the cultural diversity of the people they intend to spread the gospel to. They could be ethnic, class driven, the lifestyle they led, and the deaf or even non-ethnic diversification. Getting to know this is very essential in the beginning of the church (Elaine 36). The author goes on to claim that building the church for only one group of people is not right. The author states the argument the God, the Supreme Being, is the creator of all beings and; therefore, nobody has the right to take that away. Building churches while under the understanding that the word travels faster if the group of people from the same common ground is wrong. The main aim the author is trying to put across is the diverse choices that should be available. Beginners of churches should consider the creation of a diverse church society. This is going to increase the options for everyone rather than just one group of people. In addition, they should consider the

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