Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Case study Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words - 24

Case study - Essay Example In this case, resources such as time and management costs have been taken into account and through the initiative, the total cost of keeping neighborhoods and communities safe are spread across a continuum of responsible entities (CESAR, 2001). Prior to initiatives like this, the justice department which comprises of the courts and the police was tasked with overlooking the security of the community. However, following increased population and development of real estate structures, the eyes of the justice system cannot keep the communities safe. If more police officers are to be recruited into the force, more funds will be needed despite the fact that national security budget is at all-times high. The collaborative initiative offloads some of the responsibilities expected from the justice department helping to conserve resources that can be used in other sectors. Additionally, the collaborative initiative helps in the recovery of communities categorized as HotSpots as they help residents to regain normal lives and to adjust to the limitations on their lifestyles (CESAR, 2001). Among the partners in the collaborative initiative include police, members of the community, and prosecutors as well. However, based on the structure of the initiative such that it aims at making the best out of the community members, the role played by prosecutors is undermined by the very objective of developing the initiative. Members of the society look forward to participating in the initiative but the presence of prosecutors projects a rather negative image regarding the role of the initiative. For instance, under the community prosecution results of the initiative, it shows that prosecutors were included in the initiative to draft and implement judgments and sentences that suit the community. In one way, this approach is acceptable as it ensures that communities with less resources and thriving as lower class would not be subjected to

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