Friday, November 8, 2019

heart of darkness essays

heart of darkness essays Good and Evil: Fight to the Finish William's Lord of the Flies, (1954) an Conrad's Heart of Darkness, (1902) there are affective comparisons and contrasts between the protagonist and the antagonist. Even though the protagonist and the antagonist have the same intentions, they have different motives. In Heart of Darkness, Marlow wants to save Kurtz, but the manager doesn't want Marlow to bring back Kurtz, because the manager is afraid that if Marlow brings back Kurtz than he'll have to quit his job and give it to Kurtz. In Lord of the Flies, Jack wants to take over the leadership and Ralph, on the other hand, wants to be a leader himself. Ralph wants to be the leader so that he could make some kind of plan to get off the island, but Jack wants to be a leader so he can be the ruler and hunt, so that he has meat for himself. (9, 137) The protagonist wants victory over the antagonist and the antagonist wants to de-feat the protagonist. Where as the e antagonist has an evil purpose and the protagonist had a good purpose. A similar concept between the protagonist and the antagonist is that both of them are brave enough to dare to go against each other. They don't hide from each other, but they both of out and confront each other. In Heart of Darkness, Marlow knew that the manager didn't want Kurtz back, but he was brave enough to try bringing Kurtz back. the manger knew Marlow was just like Kurtz. That he will not give up so easy. The manager did everything in his power to stop Marlow. Even if they think their opponent is stronger, they don't back away from the fear of facing them. In Lord of the Flies, Piggy knows that Jack and his tribe is stronger than him, but still he goes over to the tribe and speaks his mind out about how they were wrong. (156) when a person makes up their mind to confront their opponent, nothing can stop them. Another comparable characteristic between the protagonist and the ...

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