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Andrew Carnegie Essay Example

Andrew Carnegie Essay Example Andrew Carnegie Essay Andrew Carnegie Essay The rise of capitalist economy was characterised by development and chance. Opportunities. if taken at the opportunity. enabled work forces to entree wealth. Andrew Carnegie is the perfect illustration of an enterpriser and adult male who built the roots of American substructure. He can besides lived the perfect’ American dream. He has a typical rags to riches’ narrative. which makes him a historical icon and an admirable adult male. Carnegie is known to hold built a luck on steel. However. the ways in which he made money could be considered an maltreatment to moralss and moral rights. Toward the terminal of his life. Carnegie decided to utilize his wealth for the greater good of the community and encouraged acquisition. For the above grounds. he can be considered as a robber baron. but I believed that he besides worked for the greater good of human nature. Carnegie was able to take chances to make a huge luck. He came from perfectly nil. but is known as a captain of industry. He monopolised wealth. conveyance and substructure. He was born in Scotland in 1835. His household migrated to America in 1848 when he was 13. As a immature male child. he worked in a cotton mill in Pittsburgh. He did non hold many old ages of schooling nor accompanied university but he became the richest adult male on the planet during the industrial revolution. In this sense. he is the embodiment of the American Dream. One of Carnegie’s expressions ; The foremost adult male gets the oyster. the 2nd gets the shell explains his calling to the full. Carnegie had the ability to place and prehend chances. to anticipate what would go on to industries and to take hazards. He besides stated that ; people who are unable to actuate themselves must be content with averageness no affair how impressive their other talents demo his ambition. Carnegie was non content with platitude. His ability to prehend chances and invest in them helped greatly his calling. He saw possible in cabling and conveyance. While he was working in the railway industry. in 1859. he saw a connexion between steel and substructure. Carnegie grabbed the chance and created a successful steel company. a great illustration of capitalist development. Carnegie’s steel company. Carnegie Steel. which opened near Pittsburgh in the 1870s. is an illustration development during the rise of capitalist economy. Carnegie created employment. The manner he ran his company can be believed to be an maltreatment of work force and human capacities. His workplace was similar to modern twenty-four hours sweatshops. He made work forces work hard. They had long hours. twelve hours per twenty-four hours. six yearss per hebdomad. in highly hapless working conditions. Because steel was in demand at the clip. due to the promotions in steam engines. Carnegie decided to maintain costs low to pull more people. However that meant that he kept his workers’ rewards low every bit good. This resulted in violent labor work stoppage in 1892. Carnegie ever preached for rights of workers and brotherhoods. However his actions did non fit his rhetoric. A major work stoppage at Carnegie Steel was a clang between capitalist economy and workers’ brotherhoods. It was bloody and violent. It lasted five month. During that clip Carnegie went to Scotland and left the company’s general director. Henry Clay Frick in charge. 300 Pinkerton armed guards were posted around the mill and 10 work forces were killed. Carnegie’s merely manner out of this quandary was to sell his mill. He sold it to J. Pier Morgan. for $ 480 million. in 1901. Andrew Carnegie turned his calling from capitalist economy to philanthropy. When Carnegie sold his steel company to Morgan. he became the richest adult male on earth . said Morgan the twenty-four hours he bought the company. In 1889. Carnegie had published an essay. in which he stated that. the rich have a moral duty to administer their money in ways to advance the public assistance and felicity of the common man . He besides said that. the adult male who dies rich therefore dies disgraced . During his life he gave off more than $ 350 1000000s. Carnegie supported instruction and reading. He donated money to 2500 libraries around the universe. The peculiar thing about Carnegie’s altruist calling is that he did non merely desire to assist people ; he wanted to assist others assist themselves. He gave away his money for the betterment of world. For illustration. giving money off to libraries alternatively of people allowed mankind educate themselves. Consequently. instruction became easier to entree for everyone. Carnegie became one of the most celebrated altruists. a complete antonym to the adult male whom exploited people in his mill. Andrew Carnegie was both a robber baron and a altruist. In my sentiment. he worked for the greater good of human nature. He was a adult male who took chances to do his calling. every bit good as giving other chances. Even though he exploited people. and the on the job conditions in his steel mill are an illustration of that. he offered them occupations. and a manner to do money for their households. I agree that in the terminal he helped others to assist themselves . His monolithic contribution of $ 350 1000000s shows his alteration of bosom towards the terminal of his life. As Carnegie. grew up in a hapless societal category. I believe that he wanted to give others similar chances as he strived for. Giving them a opportunity for instruction and free entree to libraries. The 1000000s of dollars that he donated gave others a opportunity to better their lives. I believe that Andrew Carnegie is a adult male to be remembered as one whom sought better world.

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